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Success Story: GSEC VPN Client provides remote clients connectivity for internet monitoring software from Work Examiner Team.

Details: Work Examiner is a classic client-server software for employee monitoring through TCP networks. WE Developers were looking for a solution to connect out of the network computers to their WE Server through the web. GSEC VPN Client offered a simple way of VPN connectivity embedded to the WE monitoring package. Now, all WE customers with remote employees are enjoing advantages of remote user tracking through the Internet. Vendor Page

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  Prodigy Is Backed By Lloyds Of London
Prodigy is the only
ISM device with
Indemnified Data
Protection of up
to £150,000.
Backed by
Lloyds of London.
Cyber Security Alerts provide
timely information about current
security issues, vulnerabilities, and
exploits. They outline the steps and
actions that non-technical home
and corporate computer users can
take to protect themselves.
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